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To produce Chesapeake Bay Retrievers with the desire and trainability to excel in the field and the personality to be a good family member 

Crossfire Chesapeakes (aka) Crossfire Retrievers was established by us in 1985.  We met our first Chesapeake when we were in veterinary school and he made a lasting impression on us.  We obtained our first Chessie with the sole intent of waterfowl hunting.  Little did we realize that our first dog would lead us down the rode of field trials, hunt tests, and bench.  We have finished 3 bench champions; one champion was a Master hunter and the others were all-age qualified.  We have had a total of eight all-age qualified chessies.  Both of us are active in the Mississippi Valley Retriever Club, St. Louis, MO and are memebers of the American Chesapeake Club.   Bruce is a pointed all-age judge and judged the National Amateur Retriever Club trial in June 08. I also judge occasionally as work will permit.

Although I do not update our site on a regular basis, we like to discuss Chesapeakes and retriever training with anyone interested.  We occasionally have puppies and started dogs for sale.  It is best to reach us by phone.  Our number appears on the contact page. 
Marlene Drag, DVM  &  Bruce Ahlers, DVM
Wellsville, MO